ATPL (A) Pilot license for transportation of airlines (Airplane). This license is a qualification that allows the pilot to act as pilot-in-command or co-pilot in aircraft used for private, commercial and airline transport activities. It is the highest level airplane pilot license.

13 Subjects.

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003- PACK ATPL (A)

Pack in which all the subjects of this Commercial Pilot License ATPL (A) are included.

050- Meteorology 2019
091 + 092- VFR / IFR Communications 2019
010- Air Law 2019
022- AGK Instruments 2019
040- Human Limitations 2019
031- Mass and Balance 2019
032- Performance 2019
033- Planning and Monitoring 2019
061- General Navigation 2019
081- Principles of Flight 2019
070- Operational Procedures 2019
021- AGK Systems 2019
062- Radionavigation 2019

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050- Meteorology ATPL (A)

The knowledge of Meterorology and Climatology is essential for flight. In this asigntura the future pilots are offered the basic knowledge that allows them to identify and explain the meteorological and climatological phenomena of greater importance for the aviation security.




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091 + 092- VFR and IFR Communications ATPL (A)

VFR and IFR communications are two subjects that include all the rules, procedures and techniques necessary for students to get started in aeronautical phraseology, and to develop in the correct exchange of radio messages, both in Visual Rules and in Instrumental Rules.




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010- Air Law ATPL (A)

The Aeronautical Law can be defined as the set of principles and rules that order the conditions in which the airspace must be used by the aircraft and the services supporting the circulation through this space, as well as the legal relations that take place on the occasion of such activity.




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flight instruments

022- AGK Instruments ATPL (A)

The AGK Instruments course teaches the student pilot the multiple instruments that the airplane carries on board, as well as its operation and its correct use by the pilot.




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040- Human Limitations ATPL (A)

Human Limitations is a subject that explains human physiological systems and how they affect flight conditions. Also some psychology in terms of information processing and decision making in the booth.




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031- Load and Centering ATPL (A)

Load and Centering, it serves to know how to distribute the load inside our aircraft, and how it affects the performance of this. Make calculations regarding the center of gravity and know how to differentiate between the different types of loads that are defined within the aircraft.




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032- Performance ATPL (A)

Performance, uses physical concepts to explain what are the best parameters of flight during the various parts of it. And it teaches us how to read the performance graphs of our plane.




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international flight planning 101

033- Planning ATPL (A)

Planning, shows us how to navigate with aeronautical charts, how to correctly fill in the Flight Plan, learn to use a Navigation Log for our trips, etc.




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tuilestaxosystemes de navigation pour avions civils

061- Navigation ATPL (A)

The subject of Navigation teaches us everything related to the mapping and planning of flights, navigation aids, the correct use of CR-3 and other procedures for calculating wind and trigonometry. It is the most complicated subject.




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081- Principles of Flight ATPL (A)

The objective of the subject of Flight Principles is to try to explain a series of elementary concepts that allow us to understand how it is possible for an airplane to remain in the air and what are all the forces acting in it.




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070- Operational Procedures ATPL (A)

Operational Procedures, mixes subjects from the rest of the subjects and shows us the procedures to follow in different emergency situations, such as: icing, bird collisions, emergency landings, etc ...




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021- AGK Systems ATPL (A)

The subject of AGK Systems teaches the student pilot the multiple systems of which the airplane is composed and make it operate safely.




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psr primary surveillance radar antenna indra 198400561x316

062- Radio-Navigation ATPL (A)

In the subject of Radio-Navigation you will know and understand the basic principles of location and navigation systems used in aviation. It also explains the types of radars and radio-aids that we must know.




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