• IR (A) Instrument Rating (Airplane). This rating is a qualification that allows the pilot to manage aircraft of the category of his license under IFR instrumental flight rules.

  • 16 TOPICS

005- PACK IR (A)

Pack in which all the summaries of this rating are included.

1. Introduction.
2- Flight instruments.
3- Basic Flight by Instruments.
4- Maneuvers of Flight by Instruments.
5- Navigation Systems.
6- Navigation Procedures.
7- Notes for Pilots.
8- Flight Planning by Instruments.
9- Take-off Procedures by Instruments.
10- Departure Procedures by Instruments.
11- Route Procedures by Instruments
12- Holding Procedures by Instruments.
13- Procedures Approximation by Instruments.
14- The Instrumental Approach Charts IAC.
15- Landing after an Instrument Approach.
16- Instrument Approximation Procedure (IAP).
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